Pet Application

Pet Application Form

Pet Details

Tenant agrees and understands that permission is granted for them to have only the number of pets and type of pet as agreed upon on as they appear on their pet application.
• The lessee understands that the pet is to remain on the outside area of the property only and is not to enter the house.
• The lessee understands and agrees that it will be their responsibility to pay for any damage to the property that is caused by the pet (s).
• The lessee understands that if any damage is done by the animals to any part of the property, including exterior and lawns and gardens, it will become the lessees’ responsibility to pay the full cost reinstating the condition in accordance with the ingoing report and photos.
• The lessee agrees to manage the pet in such a manner so as not to affect the sanitary conditions or the quiet enjoyment of other residents.
• The lessee agrees to have professional cleaning and fumigation at the end of their tenancy.
• The lessee agrees to keep the pet under control and restrained during routine property visits.

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